By definition, start-ups have uncertainty from which you want to build a sustainable business.

This uncertainty needs a framework and continual revision to ensure that the product or service you are providing is what customers actually want and are willing to pay for. It is no good having a great idea or offering that nobody wants to pay for.

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The Importance of Strategy

If you are a start-up, you need the right guidance, planning and strategy as a foundation for future success.

Let us work with you to develop your business strategy and plans to ensure you have a solid base to work from. Create a strategy and test it to ensure you make the most of your valuable resources and time.

We focus on providing a practical approach to your start-up planning ensuring that you ‘own’ your plans and that you go into your new business with your eyes wide open.

Mentoring and guidance through the start up phase of a business is crucial. It is well known that 60% of businesses will fail in their first 3 years of operation. 44% of these failures can be attributed to poor strategic management. The importance of a business road map cannot be understated.

The good news is that having a sound Strategic Plan, plus a budget, along with monthly financial reports and review meetings are an essential part of ongoing business success. It brings both accountability and an outward looking focus to the business.

Once you are ready to start your dream journey with a strategic road map, you will need to consider how you will structure your business.Chess Piece On The Move

Let us help you on this exciting journey you are about to embark on.

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