Costing Services


Do you really know what your products and/or services actually cost?

Do you know the profitability of your products and/or services?

Can you confidently say you know where and from which customers and segments you make or lose money?

Have you ever wondered why your profits may be falling even if you are holding your gross margins?

How many companies are honestly satisfied with the data their costing and quoting systems provide?

Do you know that the core information on which your business decisions are based is your costing data? By definition, without accurate costing data, your pricing and profitability analysis will also not be accurate, and hence your business strategy and underlying assumptions may be flawed?

How can you make strategic decisions to help your business without this solid foundation?

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Whether it is providing strategic costing services (including Activity Based Costing, ABC), or providing advice on your existing costing systems, or project managing an entire Strategic Costing implementation, Billson Advisory has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help your business.

With over 20years experience in Costing, including successful Activity Based Costing (ABC)  implementations in various industries, we are your Costing specialists.

From completing one of the first ABC implementations in Victoria over 20years ago, to a recent ABC implementation for a listed company, Activity Based Costing remains as relevant today as it has always been.

This strategic costing data forms a solid foundation on which informed strategic decisions can be based.

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