Blog No 45 – Planning and Accountability

It is hard to believe but we are already one-eighth through the 2017 year, and more than 60% through the 2017 financial year!

I drove passed this sign below at the weekend and thought it appropriate for this week’s blog.


Did you make any resolutions back on January 1st? How are they going for you and are they still in play?

Or don’t you believe in making resolutions? Or are they tracking along nicely?

Ticking things off you bucket list? Losing some weight? Getting more exercise? Drinking less? Spending more time with family?

New Year’s Resolutions are a bit of a festive laugh, often with the best of intentions, but like any fad, they tend to come and go quickly.

Business Plans

This leads me onto your business plans.

You might recall we went through your strategic planning process last year? As we are more than half way through the financial year, how are your strategic business plans playing out?

Are they a bit like your New Year’s Resolutions and have gone by the by? Or are they on track and delivering the results you envisaged?


It is clear that when you are accountable for something, you are more likely to focus on it. If you are a business owner or a business leader, one of the simple ways you make yourself ‘accountable’ is to tell someone you respect what you are going to do and commit to giving them a regular update as to your progress. If you are a manager of staff, the best way to ensure staff accountability is to build the plan objective into the employees ‘promises’ and ensure that it’s delivery is measurable and forms part of their annual performance appraisal, and hence pay review.

Dare to Dream

We all have dreams about our futures, whether that be a personal dream, business dream, dream-job, family dream or money dream. But imagination can only get you so far. At some point, it’s actions that count. It’s the same with resolutions and business plans, actions count.

Dare to dream – but commit to act!

Ross – Billson Advisory – Virtual Part-Time CFO

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